Mobile home 37m2

Length: 10,0 m                Width: 3,7 m   – (outer dimensions)

Standard mobile home includes:

House box (frame, floor, walls, ceiling, roof covering)
Exterior finishing plastic siding or Exterior finishing timber siding
Windows, Tin (large windows 1m²- 3m²)
Windows, Tin (small window until 1m²)
Laminate Parquet floor, skirting
Wall and ceiling finish, painted wallpaper, mdf-plates
Lamps inside and outside
Air heat pump Mitsubishi Heavy
Interior Doors
Front Door
Electricity – plugs, switches, box 3x16A
Water, sanitation pipes
Kitchen furniture, stove, air purifier, sink, refrigerator
Bathroom products (shower, sink, boiler 50L, WC toilet or Separett toilet, WC Floor Heating)
Water leak protection system
Ventilation and heat recovery Vento Ergo A 50 pro
Heating cable


Mobile home, static caravan – price request

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